Shirley Anne Kellogg was born June 22, 1934 in Canton, Ohio. Shirl, or "Skid" as her mother called her, is the daughter of the late Ethel Wright Kellogg.
Shirl met Dave Lord Nichols her second year of attending Bryant & Stratton Business School in Buffalo, NY. Dave had served in Korea, and was going to B&S (on the GI Bill). Dave danced with one of her friends, then Shirl found herself dancing with him. That began a 5-year courtship, a long-distance one that found her working as a legal secretary in Buffalo, and him working as accountant for Corry-Jamestown Furniture in Corry, PA, his home town. After their marriage on October 3, 1959, Shirl and Dave settled in Corry. Dave soon began working for the Savings and Loan Bank in Corry, beginning a successful career that ended with him as CEO. We lost Dave in 1998 to lung cancer.
Dave and Shirl had four sons. Roger Clark Nichols, born July 19, 1961; Robert born in 1963, who lived only 11 days, dying from a congenital heart problem (they found his pulmonary artery and aorta were reversed); Thomas Mead Nichols, born July 12, 1966; and Steven Hull Nichols, born October 23, 1970. Pictured above middle are the boys from left: Roger, Tom and Steve with their parents. In the middle is a picture of Tom in foreground, Roger on the right, and Steve standing behind. And all 3 boys are in the one on the right, taken when Shirley passed away, Tom on left, Steven in the middle, Roger on the right.
​Roger Nichols, the oldest, was born in Corry, PA. After high school, he followed the Lord's call into ministry, enrolling at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. He majored in Bible and Biblical Languages (3 years of Classical Greek and 2 years of Biblical Hebrew), graduating in 1983 with Bachelor of Arts Degree. He entered Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore to continue preparing for ordained pastoral ministry. He met and married Tracy Luann Gilliam on June 23, 1984 at First United Methodist Church in her hometown of Joplin, Missouri. Roger was ordained a Deacon in Western PA Conference of United Methodist Church in June, 1985. While attending Seminary, he served as student pastor at the Dean Memorial UMC in Worthville, KY. He received Master of Divinity degree in 1987. He was appointed to the Bear Lake and Lottville UMC Charge near Corry. He completed his 2 years of probationary service in 1989 and was ordained an Elder. Roger, Tracy and family then moved to Joplin, where over the next few years, Roger ministered for: the Wesley Foundation at Missouri Southern State College; Newman Road UMC; Joplin First UMC; Central United Methodist Church of Webb City. In 1997, Roger completed the Doctor of Ministry degree at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. Roger still finds time to be active in his community, whether it's as volunteer firefighter & EMT (in Corry) or as member of various Boards and Alliances. Today, Roger enjoys his job as a car salesman, something my father (Elmer) loved more than anything. That's because he loved people so much. 

Tracy Luann Gilliam Nichols also sensed a leading into ministry early in life and attended Asbury College. She also discovered a love and interest in art, changing her major from Christian Education to Art Education, graduating in 1984 with Bachelor of Science, certified for K-12 years. Her major concentration was ceramics (pottery) with a minor in stained glass. She completed her Masters at Pittsburg St. Univ., Kansas, in 1995. Over the years Tracy has used her art to enhance the ministries of their churches. She taught art education at Joplin's Franklin Tech School for several years as well as College Heights Christian School. She has owned and operated her own art studio at home, with her work in 47 states and 7 foreign countries.

On the left is a photo of their wedding in 1984. Below that is Shirley with her granddaughters, Jackie and Jodie, when they were very young. Below are the proud grandparents Roger & Tracy with their granddaughters.

Shirley Anne Kellogg
​Tom Nichols was active in sports at Corry Area High School, ie football, track and baseball, while pursuing college prep courses, and taking Industrial Arts classes. Inspired by his HS workshop teacher and coach, Tom decided after graduation to attend California Unv. of PA to pursue Industrial Arts Education degree. While there, he was recruited to play football for the Vulcans, where he was a 4-year letterman and 2-year starter as an offensive guard. Tom met and fell in love with a "beautiful young lady" Cynthia Ann Hott, who was also attending CA U of PA. Tom also worked on his Master's Degree in Technical Education, graduating in summer of 1991. Tom worked as a Tech Teacher in Stafford, VA, but after he and Cindy married on June 27, 1992, they moved to Corry, where Tom taught Tech Ed at the High School, and Cindy began working in a Corry bank, where she began following in her father-in-law's steps in a banking career. In 1993, they returned to Stafford where Tom worked as a Tech Ed teacher at Brooke Point High School, where he opened the first modular technology education lab in the state of Virginia. Tom also coached Varsity Football and Track. During this time, Tom attended George Mason Univ. receiving his endorsement in Educational Leadership. Tom was recently appointed Principal of North Stafford High School.. He is also completing his third year as a Doctoral student in Educational Administration Program at VA Tech Univ. Cindy has been working at Virginia Heartland Bank since 1993, where she is currently a Branch Manager.

Melissa Ann Nichols was born July 21, 1996 in Fredericksburg, VA. She is all grown up now, and when I get more information and updates, I'll add them in here.

Chad Thomas Nichols was born May 26, 2000. Grandma (Shirl) would sit back and laugh at the "all-boy Chad", who reminds her of Tom. He loves balls....balls....and more balls. When he's not playing with one, he walks around with a ball tucked under his arm, up on his shoulder...all day. The future major league all-star is full of love, always giving hugs and kisses. Although when you take his picture, he forgets to smile, most of the time.

Steve Nichols graduated from Corry Area High School and attended Slippery Rock University to study music education. He transferred to Indiana University of PA (where his grandfather William Kellogg had played football), graduating in 1996 with BA in General Fine Arts, focusing on music, communications and theater. Here, he rediscovered his passion for theater (in high school, he was often on stage, showing his natural comedic abilities and great timing) and decided to pursue a career in technical theater. In Chatham, NY, he worked as Wardrobe Master for 3 summers at the Mac-Haydn Theater. An opportunity arose to go to southern Florida to work at Caldwell Theater Co. in Boca Raton.He worked with some big names in the field, discovering his skills from stitching to costume design. After working in the field, Steven decided to attend beauty school to learn skills in working with hair. After a few months, an opportunity was presented to work for VEE Entertainment on a national tour of Sesame Street Live as a wardrobe assistant, and he joined the International Alliance of Theatrical Employees (IATSE). He became Wardrobe Head on his second tour with Sesame Street Live, "Everybody Makes Music." He designed costumes for a couple of productions, done some consulting work, and trained others in the art of Wardrobe Management. He returned to Mac-Hadyn Theatre in the Costume Rental Division as the Business Manager, working on PR/Marketing, Collections, Volunteer Coordinator, Design Assistant and stitcher, and planned the Corporate Sponsorship Program. The photo on the left is from when he was relaxing with one of his fellow workers at the Theater.

Today, Steve lives in the family home in Corry, PA, and is the General Manager at Cobblestone Inn & Suites located there. I'm not sure when the photo was taken in the lower left, but it looked like he was working out a bit! Way to go Steve!

Sadly, we lost Shirley on February 8, 2014. 
Jackie Luann Nichols was born April 22, 1985 
in Lexington, KY. She married her high school
sweetheart Lee Peters on December 20, 
2005. Jackie has persued her love of art and 
music, and still feels her devotion to ministry in 
a future job. Lee has a BA in Media Communi
-cations (Multi-media & Production). They have
been blessed with a daughter Adelaide, who was
born on September 22, 2009 (on right). You can
reach them at
Jodie Ann Nichols was born September 10,1986, in Lexington. She shares many common interests with her sister, including her church and school activities. She has not only been featured in lead dramatic roles, but has written and directed church programs as well. Jodie's musical interests include flute & piccolo, and bass guitar. Her artistic flair has been obvious for some time....winning eleven ribbons in Art Fair competition. Her artistic range extends from pencil drawings to oil. She married Nate Craddock on December 13, 2008. And theywelcomed a daughter on January 16, 2010, Lucille Ann, and they call her Lucy. And when that marriage ended, Jodie married Dustin Reed on 10/5/13, and they welcomed a son, Gabriel Jack on 1/19/16.
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